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Jeep® Winterproof 2017

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For the second year Jeep® faces the winter season with Cesen. The Winterproof Tour 2017 has the ambition to present the brand values in an absolutely unconventional way, winking to the most contemporary trends of the winter tourism’s market. The promotions badged Winterproof, activated in the EMEA countries, served as the “Chapter 1” to the integrated communication campaign that culminates in the real Tour, involving France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. The tour is a tribute to the passion for adventure that distinguishes those who love the Jeep® Brand, offering them the opportunity to test the full range on three different off-road trails. An icy track where professional drivers explain to users how to deal with the most adverse conditions in maximum security guide. Entertainment and emotions to live, finally, with the Jeep® Skiing experience: a review of wakeboarding, where users will be pulled by a Jeep Renegade and Jeep Wrangler. The results achieved during the Jeep® Winterproof Tour 2015/2016 led the project on the shortlist of the most prestigious European award in the industry (the European Best Event Awards – EUBEA) held in October in St. Petersburg. For 2017, the ethical choice of Cesen was creating an innovative format that can minimize the environmental impact produced by the Tour itself. Research and study of innovative materials, such as insulating resins Stomatherm – partner of the initiative -, have allowed Cesen to structure a Winterproof Tour labeled “Zero Impact”, the LifeGate project that calculates, reduces and compensates CO2 emissions produced by the activities of people and organizations, events and products, companies and organizations. “Zero Impact” contributes to the creation and protection of growing forests and develops energy efficiency projects and renewable energy production as required by the Kyoto Protocol.The tour offered more than just test drives: several exclusive activities were organized during the ‘Jeep® Winterproof’ events, including the ‘famous’ Renegade Skiing Experience. During each leg of the European tour, visitors could test drive the compact SUV built in Italy on ice-covered tracks and put themselves to the test with the Jeep Ice Experience, a safe driving lesson held by professional drivers who taught them how to tackle extremely difficult surfaces. At the end of the test drive, guests were offered the chance to take part in the Jeep® Skiing Experience: a winter ‘wakeboarding’ experience that allowed them to ski on a special, dedicated snow trail, while being towed by a Jeep® Renegade.


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